We help ministries thrive.  Here's why...

We know exactly what it's like to see 20% of a congregation do 80% of the work.  We know the pain of leading youth and college ministries that struggle to attract and retain the next generation.  And we know how frustrating it is to see so many of our members not actively engaged in outreach or discipleship. These challenges, and many more, inspired us to think differently about ministry.  God helped us innovate our way through these barriers and paved a way for us to equip other churches to do the same.

So what exactly did we do?

In 2011, we launched a ministry from within the church called Catalyst Teen Center.  We began to ask ourselves what a holisitc approach to discipleship would look like beyond just spiritual development and how we could provide value to our community in a way we have not done so before.  Within 18 months of launching this new strategy (on a $500/month budget), we more than doubled our weekly youth group attendance, radically grew our volunteer ministry teams, experienced an influx of unchurched families visiting on Sunday and saw church members come alive like they never had been before.

Watch the HOW WE HELP video as Joe explains more 


Bring Joe In to Speak

Whether it is a Sunday Morning Service, Retreat or Conference, Joe is an experienced, motivational speaker that will engage the hearts and minds of every generation.  See a full list of topics by clicking the Learn More button.


Host a Workshop

Unite and inspire your church with one of our catalytic workshops that will help your members and leaders learn to leverage their unique DNA in life, business and ministry.  Warning: these workshops are known to be deeply impactful.

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Offer the Purpose Project

When you bring us in to speak or host a workshop, we open up the Purpose Project to your entire church absolutely free.  And no, the catch is not that we charge a ton of money to work with you either.  Check out the course and book online now.

Like what you are hearing so far?

There's more.  Follow our Level Up playlist on YouTube for tips and resources aimed at fueling your ministry!

3 Common Pain Points Our Topics & Workshops Address

1. The 80/20 Rule

Most churches find their is so much untapped talent in their congregations.  Our ministries are always needing more help but it feels like we have to pull teeth and twist arms to get others involved.  Joe's method of helping people unlock their gifts and passions has proven to ignite others toward committed involvement in ministry and could be the catalyst your church has been needing to break through to the next level of growth.

2. Attracting & Retaining Millennials

People under 35 in America are dropping out of churches at alarming rates.  Over 90% of teens and young adults no longer attend a Sunday service.  Joe has been on the front lines of this cultural shift for 20 years and has pioneered new approaches to ministry that are reversing that countering that trend in Austin.  The Catalyst Collective's simple and strategic methods of leading Millennials will empower you to be the community that every young person is desperate to find.

3. Few Christians Are Actively Making Disciples

The expansion of our churches is linked to the willingness of our people to consistently engage in effective forms of evangelism and discipleship.  No matter how many classes we offer, sermons we preach or books we pass out, our members seem hesitant to commit for to the process for any significant length of time.  Catalyst has broken through this barrier by helping others see evangelism and discipleship through the lens of their own unique gifts and passions.

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