Bring your unique purpose to life.

The Catalyst Purpose Project is a compilation of some of the best methods ever used to help draw out unique identity and purpose. In this course we have included 24 short videos, eye-opening exercises and a downloadable version of our 70 page workbook (that you can edit) to guide you step by step through the process of discovering, developing, working and perfecting who you were made to be.


This is the perfect course for anyone who...

  • Feels stuck, bored or is just simply tired of going through the motions in life
  • Knows they were made for more but can't seem to discover what "more" looks like
  • Is ready to raise their level of self-awareness and position themselves for future success
  • Who loves practical, easy to use guides that will help them bring their ideas into reality

Upon completion of this course, you will....

  • Achieve deeper insight into who you uniquely are and why it matters
  • Be inspired to tap into skills and passions that have been dormant in your life
  • Have clear, attainable goals and team ready to support you
  • Know exactly what is standing in your way and how to navigate around it
  • Be ready to live a life the truly inspires those around you

Start the Course

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Purchase the book

There is a digital copy of this workbook included with the course but if you hate watching videos then feel free to grab the paperback or kindle version!


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